I currently own a Harman/Kardon AVR25 mkII receiver which puts out 75 watts stereo at 8 ohms, with a high-current ability up to 42 amps. I will be purchasing a preamp kit from Bottlehead which I will connect to the H/K until I purchase a tube amp or very smooth solid state amp. I am considering the M50 vs M60. I have decided to go with the Axiom's based on current reviews instead of Tannoy mX4's, KEF Q35's, or KEF Q65's. The price is not an issue. I am more interested in any thoughts regarding the different sounds of the speakers, thoughts on bi-wireability of the M60s, thoughts on the mating of the speakers to my receiver, and whether anyone has experimented with plugging the port holes with foam or other material to produce a sealed enclosure effect. I prefer a sound that is clear and I am interested in bass accuracy over bass loudness. My musical preferences are jazz such as Wayne Shorter and Patricia Barber, and I listen from very low to very high volumes. I also occasionally like to crank up some classical, rock, and fusion. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.