Well lets not get anything started! I enjoy tinkering as a hobby trying to "improve" pieces that I see areas lacking. HOWEVER, I must emphasis that I do not have access to all of the resources to prove and redesign most pieces. I do not believe that I have greater knowledge than the original designers.

My interest in working on these pieces stems from the fact that I have listened to, played with and own higher priced, and better quality equipment. That does not mean that the value of these Axioms is not complete. In terms of quality, you are getting the most the designer of a product can build into the product, and still make a reasonable profit. Look at it this way, a $500 speaker can't contain the same drivers, crossovers, cabinet materials, finishes, internal wiring, etc as a $5000 speaker. Does that mean one is worse than the other? Chances are if you ignore the price, the answer would be yes. BUT we can not ignore the price. Designers are not in this business to lose money....at least good ones aren't.

Here is how I look at audio gear - I listen to it, and determine if I would pay $XXX for it. If the answer is yes, then I believe it is good value for the dollar. If the answer is no, then it does not represent good value for the money. Does this mean that the $500 speaker is better or worse than the $5000 speaker? Well, it depends. I would venture to say that the $5000 speaker sounds better, is made of better quality materials, but this is not always the case.

As for the ones I have played with, I paid virtually nothing, and had little to lose.......My AX3's make me think as I paid AX2 retail for them , they are still good, and I don't want to screw them up!