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The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Enter Password Here: by chesseroo @ 31 minutes 24 seconds ago

Password Safe is a free option that works cross OS platforms and syncs up through services like Dropbox.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: For all the Pilots / WWII Buffs . . . by exlabdriver @ 57 minutes 27 seconds ago

Yup, still here - M6.6 I guess. I felt it on the concrete slab downstairs but my wife upstairs didn't feel anything. Neighbours across the street felt it too. The epicenter was about 100 miles from here & offshore a bit so it didn't damage to
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Mark's Genuwine Birthday by nickbuol @ 58 minutes 39 seconds ago

OK. So this seemed pretty legit and not that fake thread posting. Took a few days, but here you go Mark... Happy Birthday Video! <----- CLICK IT!!!
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Axiom Birthday by Ken.C @ Today at 10:30 AM

Happiest of birthdays, Amie! Stop by more!
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: Best concert dvd's by Murph @ Today at 08:30 AM

My go-to concerts to show off the system depending on the audience. Already mentioned but deserve extra votes - Dave Matthews & Tim Rynolds: Live at Radio City Jaws drop every time as there are just the two perfectly recorded guitars to conce
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: Official v4 Subwoofer Thread by CV @ Today at 12:37 AM

Congratulations on the new subs, guys. Can't wait to hear your impressions of them.
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: About to pull the trigger on M80s by Boomzilla @ Yesterday at 05:59 PM

Axiom was nice enough to call me today & say that the shipping delay is because the optional outriggers are backordered. They offered to ship the speakers immediately & the outriggers when they came in, but I said no, I'd wait. They're expe
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Dishwasher by BobKay @ Yesterday at 05:40 PM

It wasn't. I though it'd be way cool if there ended up being tons of "yes" replies. I was hoping, ultimately, to hit, like at least 8 or 9 ducks in a single thwack, but no luck. He does have tons of friends here. They just seem to take co
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: outlet strips by a401classic @ Yesterday at 05:03 PM

Thanks, Murph. Found a variety of pricing on the same items - still wasnt cheap, but I was able to take care of the island and all the under cab lighting outlets for less than just the stainless outlet strips for the island from another vendor.
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Help with center channel and my hearing loss by nickbuol @ Yesterday at 01:12 PM

I've been waiting for Sony's patented "beam into your brain" technology to come out. Screw the ethical issues or the idea that you could mind control people... It would be cool. Fully working ears not required... Sony may one day beam
Jump to new posts Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? by MichaelTrottar @ Yesterday at 02:34 AM

I haven't observed you discuss Regina in several weeks while Mark's 'ahem' "enthusiasm" for Rachael Cost has put him directly in the cause.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Most awesome mimic bird. by fredk @ Yesterday at 12:31 AM

Well, its mostly true. If we feed crack spider to chainsaw bird what do we end up with?
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Power Requirements for EP500 V3 by casey01 @ 04/22/14 07:50 PM

Originally Posted By: dakkonI have 2 EP600'S, 5 channels of krell class A power that doubles down to 4ohm @500w, and 2 channels that double down to 2ohm @1200w. All of this is on a single 15A breaker.. The HT has never tripper the breaker. The real
Jump to new posts Re: Did you see the sweet deals on the M100s refurb by exlabdriver @ 04/22/14 06:38 PM

I believe that Ian is having too much fun playing with his anechoic chamber than to be overly worried about where individual units should be listed, ha! TAM
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Vp160 - Vp180 vs the HP versions by exlabdriver @ 04/22/14 06:34 PM

Ditto here. I have both the M22s & VP160 AVR Xovers at 60 Hz... TAM
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone looking to buy a pair of FMS16s w/balls? by SpenceJT2003 @ 04/22/14 05:37 PM

Sorry - mod please feel free to kill this thread.
Jump to new posts Re: New In wall M22 with Qs4 by e40 @ 04/22/14 03:29 PM

Bumping this thread just to say, your choice of components just about matches what is on my wishlist. What do you have for a sub?
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone move to LED bulbs? by chesseroo @ 04/22/14 02:56 PM

Originally Posted By: pmbukoYou just gave me green balls. Those were not meant for a light socket Peter. Anyway, the new LEDs are in place and lit up quite nicely. I was hoping to get more of cool white light (these ones were 'soft' white 3000K, up
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: The 13 year loyalist by BobKay @ 04/22/14 10:44 AM

[quote=fredk]Bob. Did medic8r fine tune your meds in the last day or two? You're really on a roll. [/quote No. I've been O.D.'ing on all of them for two weeks now! I should have done this years ago. Everything and everyone looks, oh, I don't know,
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: Axiom Subwoofers: Survey and Next Generation by AudioguyBurl @ 04/21/14 09:38 PM

Originally Posted By: AudioguyBurlAndrew, A few easy questions: 1) Ball park... when will the next generation of subs be available (V4 I'm assuming)? 2) What are the basic improvements? 3)Will there be a trade-in (or upgrade) program for us V3 owne
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Dual Sub Q by brwsaw @ 04/21/14 03:36 PM

Ask Brent for a trade in value. Its pretty new, you might be surprised.
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: New Forum Rule by BobKay @ 04/21/14 11:00 AM

Jack, Murph is correct. I'm terrible at even noticing emotos, let alone interpreting them.
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Dumb question on binding posts by ClubNeon @ 04/21/14 10:04 AM

Yeah, there's really too many variables involved. Not only different lengths, but different gauges. Also when testing how much of an increase in resistance (or impedance) there is from bare wire to terminated wire, the connection point to the test e
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice by Murph @ 04/21/14 07:57 AM

I often put a sub 'sandwich' in my fridge. OK, lame. Need coffee.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday, MarkSJohnson! by Murph @ 04/21/14 07:14 AM

WAIT!!!! Don't thank everyone yet! I just got here. Happy Birthday Mark! I hope all that stuff with Bob and the leather cat whip, the copy of your colon that Tom made and Jack's giant Boob's were fun. Although I read this thread kind of quickly
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