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(y) Love this customer review of the M2s! "the first time listening to my new a...

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Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: What Do You Think? by Socketman @ Today at 12:31 AM

You could build your own m22's if your handy. I built myself a set of bookshelves using Axiom drivers and they sound great. I call them M16's.
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Need advise on how/where to sell speakers by Captain4105 @ Yesterday at 10:58 PM

I've bought and sold on eBay for years and think it is a great site. I have confidence in them. Even Axiom sells retail speaker systems there.
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: Stupid Room Tricks by Socketman @ Yesterday at 10:24 PM

Bass waves are super long and they do some crazy things. The waves come back on themselves and can cancel each other. I am just beginning to study all this on the internet and using software to analyze the room so I know ( hopefully ) what is happeni
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: What funny thing are you appreciating tonight? by Socketman @ Yesterday at 08:51 PM

Originally Posted By: tomtuttlePump-air-powered shotgun that shoots salt at insects. Great sound effects. Thanks tom. I haven't laughed like that in quite a while.
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Anoying humm in my LFR1100 by Socketman @ Yesterday at 08:38 PM

I drop kick test all my parcels prior to shipping. Like you say, you don't know what some whiny baby is going to do to your parcel. Best to let the guy that built it figure it out, since you have done all you can on your end. I will share a little
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Audioholics Video by Spoiler @ 07/20/14 11:35 AM

I especially enjoyed the "similarly good" comments starting at 6:45, along with the giggling yes-man next to him.
Home Theater
At first I thought you meant my butt cheaks would be hurting from the bass!!LOL
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice by exlabdriver @ 07/19/14 04:21 PM

I've been fussin with Audyssey for the last week trying to get it 'right'. My main concern was level matching of the EP800s with each other. I don't have a SPL Meter & am reluctant to spend a bunch of bucks on one for what I would think would b
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: Refurb Store by casey01 @ 07/19/14 01:03 PM

Originally Posted By: IanThe Refurb Store really does create a win, win, win. We wanted to make trading up easy and at the same time create a place for some great deals. This is all working really well. I am not sure what all the numbers are to da
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" sacd by MichaelTrottar @ 07/19/14 05:55 AM

That is really fantastic....
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: WHY WHY WHY by bridgman @ 07/18/14 08:16 PM

Agreed, totally different impact. I replaced it with a "real" keyboard (Cherry Blue keyswitches) and left it on display in my cube so co-workers can stop by and be amazed. I'm hoping someone will steal it.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: CatBrat by CatBrat @ 07/18/14 10:39 AM

Firmware version on my URC R40 remote is 1.20, so I shouldn't have a firmware issue. Haven't had time to reprogram it. I reset it to factory defaults and my memory is still 49% full. I hope that's normal.
Jump to new posts 2014 BBC Proms by JohnK @ 07/17/14 10:01 PM

Tomorrow night in London the opening concert of the 120th year of the BBC Proms takes place. This is the world's greatest classical music festival and over eight weeks many of the world's greatest orchestras and performers visit to take part in the d
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Stocks by Da_Gimp_Pimp @ 07/17/14 06:15 PM

Originally Posted By: exlabdriverBased on some the horror stories of people having trouble at the border in the Seattle sector, don't admit using it to a US Border Guard... TAM Unless you're Caucasian (middle-upper class definitely helps) and have
Jump to new posts Re: Greetings fellow Axiom owners... by chesseroo @ 07/17/14 04:15 PM

Originally Posted By: pmbuko And we all know what criss cross will make you do. Yes, be just like Justin Timberlake.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Grammar by exlabdriver @ 07/17/14 03:38 PM

Thankfully I don't carry one of those things, but hey, I'm retired & don't need one... TAM
Jump to new posts Re: So NOW I'm a real Axiom owner... by Boomzilla @ 07/16/14 08:16 AM

Previous speakers that have sounded best in my room include Dahlquist DQ-10s, KEF studio monitors, Thiel 1.5 and 3.6 models, and Klipsch La Scalas (?). My M80s cleave closer to the Thiels, of course, but with the same smoothness of frequency respons
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: The good stuff by Murph @ 07/16/14 07:42 AM

Anytime Buddy, anytime! Just make sure it's the summer. Kinda like what Bruce Banner says, "You wouldn't like me when I'm winter." and good one Mark!
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: The 13 year loyalist by MichaelTrottar @ 07/16/14 06:28 AM

That seems good and thanks for sharing.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Bicycle or Tricycle Advicycle by CV @ 07/16/14 12:22 AM

Thanks again for the input, Murph!
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Bryston Model T - the making of by MarvinTheMartian @ 07/15/14 06:42 PM

First post, I thought I would finally go to the source. I've asked James Mr "T" on the Circle this question several ways but have not received a completely satisfactory answer. The model T's front baffle is 1.5" thick MDF, BUT the t
Jump to new posts Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? by Ken.C @ 07/15/14 04:37 PM

Anyone heard the SACD remasters of the older Rush albums? Looks like they've got Hemispheres, Presto, and Counterparts out there.
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: EP500 V4 - amp is making a "click-click" noise by Rockpool @ 07/15/14 04:26 PM

My EP600v v2 made a "click-click" sound if I left it on for a few days. It would start "thumping". recently it started blowing F3/4 in the rectifier board in the psu - currently awaiting feedback whether the parts are available
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: Problems with UPS by CatBrat @ 07/15/14 01:37 PM

Originally Posted By: FrankeeDTurns out my neighbours have more brains than anyone at UPS. When they stopped by to pick up the newspapers on Tuesday, they noticed the amp on the doorstep and took it home. They brought it over this afternoon after the
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Speakers near air conditioner?... by CatBrat @ 07/15/14 01:35 PM

Build a deflector.
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