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Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Axiom subwoofer in active monitor setup by difeng @ Today at 03:17 PM

I'm thinking about an Axiom subwoofer, but I'm not sure about how to make one work in my setup. My audio out is an Apogee Duet, and my speakers are active monitors Adam A7. The Duet is stereo out only, and the Adam monitors are audio in only. My gu
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Fred's (hopefully) excellent HT adventure by Serenity_Now @ Today at 03:08 PM

Comes in white. Built to length. Kina spendy. They claim 1080p over 120' no signal loss. Blue jeans cable BJC Belden Series-1 Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable I am looking into these for 2 runs downstairs. I need about 25' or so.
Jump to new posts Re: M60 v3 vs. V4 by fredk @ Today at 03:06 PM

Spend that money on an EP800 instead. I can't believe you forgot to slip that in at the end of your post Michael.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: This guy can drive..... by MarkSJohnson @ Today at 02:36 PM

Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Bless me Father for I have sinned.... by MarkSJohnson @ Today at 02:21 PM

Michael, they have the 103 with and without Darbee, and the 105 with and without Darbee. The 105 is the "audiophile" model.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Tablet/laptop/3 in 1 thingies..... by michael_d @ Today at 02:05 PM

When tablets came out, I didn't really get why people liked them. Never even entered my mind to get one... Then I started seeing some benefits. They appear to be pretty damn handy for travel, a quick internet search that does not involve squinting a
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Rick's Birthday by onn @ Yesterday at 09:14 PM

Happy Birthday Rick
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Maybe I should start a v4.0 build thread somewhere by nickbuol @ Yesterday at 08:56 PM

I know what I *should* do, and that is replace the QS8S and sell them and my VP150 on ebay to cover the cost of the four on wall M3s. I had two of the "special email coupons" thanks to a friend that just bought Axioms last year. I also ha
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Lets plan a theater space by Serenity_Now @ Yesterday at 08:06 PM

Panel swap complete. R.I.P. Crappy panel.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Are you Kitten me? by St_PatGuy @ Yesterday at 07:37 PM

The cat, "Physics? Pfffft."
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: What funny thing are you appreciating tonight? by MarkSJohnson @ Yesterday at 07:35 PM

Hey, Buddy is well behaved!
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Barn owel hunting in slow motion by St_PatGuy @ Yesterday at 07:35 PM

Originally Posted By: fredk With a bonus ending What, Darth Vader was her father???? Really, quite a majestic animal. Stunning how still she keeps her head nearing the target.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Deals thread by nickbuol @ Yesterday at 02:37 PM

I crunched some more numbers. Found an alternative way to save some bucks while still getting more cash to Axiom... Sure, I will have to sell my VP150 and QS8s outright somewhere else, but I just placed an order for one pair of M3s... Next order sh
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Stevie #TBT by medic8r @ Yesterday at 08:35 AM

That's a deal! When I first saw Rush in the spring of 1986, the ticket was $15, as was the t-shirt. A CD was about that much, and LPs were $10.
Home Theater
Too bad you're not done now. I hear Mark's in the dog house and he does take good pics.
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: Designing The Axiom Airplay Speaker by Murph @ 11/20/14 02:58 PM

I'd love to use that coupon thingie on this for Christmas! Hint hint, nudge nudge...
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: In the News by pmbuko @ 11/19/14 11:20 PM

pressed meat
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: What will I gain with these upgrades by GregM @ 11/19/14 10:37 PM

Originally Posted By: JohnKGreg, I don't know if what you were referring to by the "$250 discount" comment was the email sent today to owners, but it in fact offers a $250 "Gift Card" discount good until December 1st. It can be ap
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: M3 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers by rprice54 @ 11/19/14 08:42 PM

I finally got a chance to test these. For stereo sound, obviously, they aren't s great choice for 2.0 listening. As a non- ported speaker, with a much smaller cabinet than the full blown M3 they are a bit thin sounding. They would be great in a 2.1 s
What's New At Axiom
Originally Posted By: chesserooMy ageing 70s Kenwood receiver is starting to have issues and i may be in the market for a different power source for my home office. Have you tried tipping it on its side and giving it a few solid raps to try to dislod
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: So what are you watching tonight? by Ken.C @ 11/18/14 05:37 PM

There are no rules in Doctor Who. There really aren't.
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: New B-stock Store by bridgman @ 11/17/14 10:08 AM

I think prices are lower so the shipping costs (which go up sharply outside NA) are a bigger percentage of the cost.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Foo Fighters, Sonic Highways by fredk @ 11/16/14 12:16 PM

Sounds like an excellent series Michael. Maybe it hits Netflix at some point and I'll actually get a chance to see it.

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