Axiom Loyalty Program

Are you a long-time Axiom fan? If so, sign up for our Loyalty Program and let us thank you by giving you special discounts off future purchases.

You will automatically receive between 3-12% off your order, depending on how much you have purchased in the past. The more you buy, the more you save! Once enrolled simply log into your account before purchasing and your discount will automatically be applied.

Purchases Discount
$2,000 3%
$3,000 4%
$4,000 5%
$5,000 6%
$7,500 7%
$10,000 8%
$12,500 9%
$15,000 10%
$17,500 11%
$20,000 12%

To get started, log into your account and click 'Loyalty' on the left-hand side.

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