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AxiomAir Force (N3)

AxiomAir Force (N3)
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Music is life. Let's amplify it!

The most advanced wireless system ever created

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Axiom Air

Live free without compromise.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, where we are from or who we are. Music is part of our lives. From the simple everyday moments to life changing moments, we believe life should be experienced to the fullest without compromise. A life full of indescribable emotions and sensations that are elevated to the highest level regardless of where you are.

AxiomAir, a wireless speaker system designed to amplify life’s moments.

Play the highest resolution 24/192 music files without compression.

At Axiom Audio, we have a passion, a vision, a goal. We strive to continually heighten a person’s emotion through the audio experience. We’ve utilized our 35 years of experience developing the best state-of-the-art wireless speaker system that produces superior quality sound.

Axiom Speaker in White

Lose the wires.
Keep the sound quality.

For over 35 years Axiom has designed and manufactured the best sounding speakers using one of the most advanced acoustical laboratories in the world. So when our customers challenged us to give them the Axiom sound they love combined in a wireless, portable and multi-room capable speaker; we knew we could create something truly amazing.

The new AxiomAir provides unbelievably powerful, dynamic, high quality audio with the freedom to go anywhere. AxiomAir can be added to your local network or take it with you to go.

No Wifi? No Worries.

The AxiomAir is a Bluetooth device so you can connect to it easily when away from your network. But the AxiomAir also broadcasts its own WiFi network when not in range of your home network giving you the option to still use WiFi to connect when away from home. Using the WiFi Hotspot will give you a greater range and the ability to have multiple users at the same time. Now, the beach has never sounded so good.

AxiomAir on the iPad

Control is in your hands.

AxiomAir also broadcasts its own User Interface (UI) that can be accessed by using our Apple or Android Apps or by double clicking on it from the Network page on your computer. From the AxiomAir UI you can play WebRadio stations, access your music library on a NAS, access songs from a USB drive plugged into your AxiomAir, and access TIDAL. From the UI you will be able to control the Analog and Optical inputs. If you have your TV plugged into the Optical input you will be able to select that input and control its volume from the UI. The AxiomAir UI is also where you can access all the AxiomAirs around your home, group them, rename them, and check for the latest software updates.

Say hello to a whole lot of power.

Axiom Speakers Black

AxiomAir’s built in 150 watt amplifier will definitely keep your party rocking… that is until your neighbours complain.

What does 150 watts of continuous output mean?

Many companies list their peak power output – the levels they can hit for a short burst of power like an explosion, but unfortunately they can’t hold that level for a long period like an epic guitar solo. Axiom only lists the continuous power ratings. 150 watts (2 x 75 watts per channel) is enough sound output to make a presentation clearly audible in a room of 50 people.

So in other words the power of AxiomAir allows you to reach the highest level of satisfaction and keep you there. Oh ya.

Become the best sounding Karaoke singer

AxiomAir wireless karaoke system

Add the optional Karaoke module with our proprietary feedback-killing circuitry and two microphone inputs. AxiomAir becomes your Karaoke machine, with music volume, microphone volume, and echo level all controlled from the user interface.

Make an impression on the group

Give presentations that sound better than anyone else's. No really – the Karaoke module also works for presentations, so your AxiomAir becomes a portable sound system that will broadcast your voice with crystal clarity.

Speaker Options

As Individual As You Are.
Express Yourself.

Whether you want a speaker tricked out to look like your favourite board, or something monochromatic that disappears into your décor, AxiomAir has what you want. Two base colors. Two standard lids. 143 custom wood finishes. Or pick any color in the rainbow and let us customize yours.

AirPlay, iPad, iPhone, and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Questions We Get All the Time

How do I use my AxiomAir in other locations? (WiFi hotspot)

There are many places where you might want to enjoy music on your AxiomAir that are out of range of or lacking a useable WiFi network: at the dock, on the beach, on a camping trip, etc. To make sure that you can still enjoy your music, the AxiomAir has both Bluetooth available, which is great for streaming, and a built-in WiFi hotspot which automatically becomes active when out of range of your home network. This is signified by flashing blue and red LEDs. When the hotspot is available, your AxiomAir will appear as an available WiFi network on your device’s WiFi or network settings. To connect to the AxiomAir WiFi hotspot, simply join the AxiomAir-xxxxxx network. On iOS devices, a Safari window will automatically open to our WebUI. Tap “Cancel” in the top right corner and a pop-up will appear. Tap “Use Without Internet” and then close the web page. Once connected you will be able to play music that is resident on your device or on a USB drive plugged into your AxiomAir.


AxiomAir Speakers feature:

  • Titanium tweeters

  • Aluminum woofers

  • High resolution digital-to-analog converters

  • WiFi Hotspot for easy connectivity.

  • Allows multiple users at once

  • Put up to 10 AxiomAirs in your home and control them all from anywhere in your home
Enclosure Bass Reflex
Amp Power (continuous RMS) 150 watts
Bottom Depth (inches) 9
Bottom Depth (mm) 228
Crossover Frequency 2.2 kHz
Frequency Response + 3 dB/- 9 dB 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response +/- 3 dB 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Height (inches) 10.25
Height (mm) 261
Max SPL Continuous 115 dB
Top Depth (inches) 6.75
Top Depth (mm) 172
Tweeters Dual 1 inch Titanium Dome
Weight (kg) 7.3
Weight (lbs) 16
Width (inches) 19.5
Width (mm) 497
Woofers Dual 6.5 inch Aluminium Cone


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Customer Reviews
Thanks again for some great products - it’s nice to be able to support a Canadian company that is doing innovative work. I had my Air N3 out in the backyard this evening, playing soccer with my two year old daughter while streaming the Mariners baseball game off my iPhone via WiFi - can’t think of a way to do that with other products that are out there, and certainly not with the sound quality of the N3!
- Sean
The Air with the karaoke unit has turned out to be a great PA system for our small local synagogue when paired with an inexpensive wireless mic system. fills a medium size room easily!

- Paul K
I have used the AxiomAir N3 in my home for 18 months and with the most recent firmware upgrade am thrilled with it's performance. I run Spotify Premium and listen to many different genres of music pending the mood. Regardless of music choice, the clarity via WiFi is exceptional, regardless of volume. And knowing the Raspberry Pi is virtually limitless in ability, this is a system for the ages. Highly recommended.
- Gordomatic
I wanted a speaker that could deliver high quality sound where you can hear the lows as well as the highs and when you crank it up you don't get a room full of loud noise, you get clear undistorted, great-sounding music. And as important, when the volume is down low you can actually hear the words of a song without having to turn up the volume to get there. The quality of sound out of this Axiom is unbelievable. It uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth to preserve sound quality. I do know what my ears want to hear when streaming music and that is clear sound from the highs and lows with no distortion. The thing that is clear to me is the difference between listening to compressed music using Bluetooth and the advantages of streaming uncompressed high resolution files over WiFi like the Axiom does!! The Axiom gives you clear highs and lows when you crank it up.
- Jim and Caryn M
This wireless speaker is totally worth the price. It was my first high-end speaker and the sound didn't disappoint. I switched from Jawbone's Jambox wireless Bluetooth speaker and the difference is just indescriptible. The depth and intensity will give you goosebumps!
- Chris
The sound is exceptionally clear. High quality wireless speaker. Amazing…. It totally rocks!!
- Jen
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