How to Hook Up Your Amazon Echo to External Speakers

Have you got yourself a voice assistant like the Amazon Echo or one of their other models? And have you wondered how you can make them sound better?

How to Hook Up Your Amazon Echo to External Speakers

These are amazing devices. They revolutionize the way that you know we interact with the internet and they're an amazing way to access your musical streaming services or your music catalog.

The problem is that you probably already have a much better sounding stereo home theater or speaker system in your house, something that's likely going to sound a lot better than even the biggest Amazon echo. So what to do? Well, even if you've got an old stereo receiver you can apply modern technology because of the features that Amazon has built into these products to any system.

So let's assume first that you have a receiver or a home theater receiver or a stereo that has standard RCA inputs, on the back of the device, and this goes for all of the echos, there's a three-and-a-half millimeter analog output all you have to do is buy a cable that goes from three-and-a-half millimeter to stereo RCA. Plug one end into the back of the echo and the other end to a free input any auxiliary tuner or any input that's not being used on your receiver amplifier whatever.

If you have a wireless speaker that you want to use that already has a three-and-a-half millimeter input, you just need to get an adapter cable that's three-and-a-half millimeter to three-and-a-half millimeter. Now, if you've got a modern wireless speaker system that you want to use and it has Bluetooth, guess what? These devices have built-in Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth audio device, some home theater receivers also have Bluetooth capability now it's totally seamless no wires and you can talk to Alexa and tell her exactly what you want to listen to.