Center Speaker Placement Part 2

Here's another tip to improving your center channel performance to get better dialog: a totally free, easy-to-do one minute center channel speaker hack.

Center Speaker Placement Part 2

In our earlier post about speakers for tv hacks video and want to see more of those tips and tricks. So the front main speakers of any home theater system, the left, center and right speakers are pretty much the foundation of the system.

Yes, the rear surround or side channels or Atmos effects channels are all very important as well. But the bulk of the sound that comes on from any movie soundtrack is going to be over those front three speaker channels. So they are the most critical, the most important.

I mentioned in the last video on center channels that often we tuck small center channels on to a little stand below our display, tuck them in somewhere so they're unobtrusive, but this is really bad for sound. And often the left and right speakers, particularly if they're bookshelf speakers will be actually sitting in a cabinet, on a cabinet or in a bookshelf.

Many times people don't realize that if they bury the speakers behind the plane, the front surface of a cabinet or a bookshelf or frankly any opening, any obstruction, that's really going to reduce the potential performance of your front speakers, any speaker for that matter.

So, have a look. If you've got a speaker like a bookshelf speaker that's in a cabinet or on a bookshelf, check to make sure that the front plane of the speaker is at least flush with the front of the cabinet or the front of the surface that the speaker is sitting on.

Even if it's only an inch or two set back, that's going to have a massive, a massive detriment on how smooth the frequency response from the speaker is. You're going to cause a bunch of small reflections that are now going to impact the performance. And when it comes to the center channel, that's directly going to screw up the quality of the dialogue and possibly make it less easy to understand and hear.

So, simple tip, if you've got bookshelf speakers or a center channel sitting on something in a cabinet, or on a bookshelf, make sure you pull them forward. And if you haven't, do that and listen to a track that you've recently listened to, or do a direct AB before you pull the speakers forward into a better position, listen to something very carefully and critically, pull the speakers forward so that they're flush with the plane of the cabinet or the shelf and listen to the track again.

I guarantee you you will be amazed by the results of that simple little thing that many people don't understand. So thank you for watching.

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