Placing On Wall Speakers

Placing On Wall Speakers

If you're considering on wall speakers to go with your flat-screen plasma or LCD display, you may be wondering if there are any special placement considerations you need to take into account, or if they can go just about anywhere.

On Wall M3 Speakers in Natural Rosewood On Wall M3 Speakers pictured in our Real Wood Rosewood Finish

I spoke to Audio Expert Brent Tombari to find out what he recommends.

"Many people pair on wall speakers with large 40 or 60-inch displays.  My recommendation is to mount the speakers as closely as possible to the edges of the screen in order to fill the screen area with sound."

Basically, we are trying to create the illusion that you are in the action, and in order to do so you literally want the voices to come from where the picture is emanating.  By placing on wall speakers for the front left and right channels directly next to the TV screen, that illusion is more convincing.

"The same goes for the on wall center channel.  If possible, mount it as close to the bottom of your television screen as it will go.  This creates a more realistic sound experience."

On-wall speakers

(As an aside, we don't recommend mounting the on wall center channel above the screen unless that is your only option, since the center cannot be pointed 'down' toward the listeners.)

Brent refers to Axiom's on wall speaker series as a great option for Canadian and other colder-climate customers who have their televisions mounted on an exterior wall. "Drilling into an exterior wall to recess in-wall or on-wall/in-wall speakers breaks your vapour barrier and compromises your insulation factor," he warns.

Using on wall speakers for stereo instead of as home theater speakers?  Then the usual positioning rules apply:  start by trying to form an equal triangle between the main listening seat and the left and right channels.

Remember, these are ideal placement guidelines:  your ears will tell you what sounds best to you, in your room.  Don't be afraid to experiment: round up some friends to hold the speakers in place with music playing and move them to your ideal position.  See where they sound best to your ears, and then get out the drill.

Check out pictures our customers have sent in of their on wall speaker installations.