TV Audio Speakers: Why Isn't the Sound Keeping Up With My Beautiful New Display?

TV Audio Speakers: Why Isn't the Sound Keeping Up With My Beautiful New Display?

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Did you get a new flat panel television in the holiday sales? You're probably like most people: you got it home, hooked it up and fell in love with the bright, crisp, ultra-realistic picture. But then after a few movies, you began to notice something: your tv audio speakers don't deliver the same level of excitement. You're not 'in the moment' as much as you thought you'd be.

With the price for televisions falling every month (to an average of $1,113.91 in November!), even people who swore they'd never want a 52-inch flat-panel television are moving aside the Royal Doulton figurines and making room for one of these sleek new displays. And the picture is compelling - sports make you feel like you're right at the game, and even regular week-night dramas take on a movie-quality-like picture. But close your eyes, and the sound is like AM radio on your car stereo.

What causes this? Well, those flat panels don't have a lot of room for speakers, and physics is physics. Without room for large drivers, you can't get big sound, and in order to compete on price, manufacturers cut costs everywhere they can - including the speakers.

The solution? A dedicated 5.1-channel home theater speaker system will dramatically improve the quality of even every day television watching. You don't have to start off big though: even adding a pair of high-quality book shelf speakers will make the pans on the Food Network sizzle, and make every beep of the heartrate monitor on the hottest medical drama sound bedside-clear.

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Getting the right tv speakers depends on a few things: your room size, your listening preferences, and your budget. If you like to have the gang over for Superbowl parties, you're going to want larger speakers you can crank up to hear over the hoots and hollers. Got a cavernous great room, with soaring ceilings and a lot of entries and exits? A small pair of speakers won't be able to compete. Did you add your new flat panel to your den or bedroom? Then book shelf speakers - either on-wall speakers, in-wall speakers, or stand-alone speakers - will be enough speaker to give you crystal-clear dialogue without having to turn the system up.

Get a customized recommendation for the right tv audio speakers for your house by emailing our audio experts: they'll be happy to help you choose!