Ok, I'm at it again. I'll try to make this short and sweet.....

As most of you know my front wall is 15ft wide. I have my 2 m60's, 1 vp150, and 1 EP500 up on the stage below my screen. I was talking to a guy from Triad Speakers the other day over on AVS, and he said he has found the best overall placement of his two subs to be at the "third wav". Sounded like the center of the drivers are the same distance from each other, and from the left/right walls. I believe his wall was 11ft wide, so the subs were exactly 3'8" from each other and the walls. This has given him a very flat response, tight, even, and extended result. Prior to having two subs, he said just placing one at the "third wav" gave great results.

I've trying to move my EP500 from side to side to find the best location on my stage. What the heck is the third wav and how do I calculate? Is this saying to just divide the width by 1/3rd which would be 15ft / 3 = 5ft? Right now I've moved the EP500 back to dead center, I just can't make up my mind..

Thanks, Randy
Anthem AVM60 Outlaw 7700 Emotiva A500 Epson 5040UB