Hello to all of you. This is my first posting. I installed last week an EP 600 and did a calibration together with my in-ceiling surround sound speakers for the first time. I used
a RS SPL meter and a tripod, both of them borrowed from relatives some 30 miles away.

I set the receiver X-over at 80 Hz and the sub trim level at
-5 dB. All speakers set at 75 dB but the sub at 85 dB.

Now, after reading some posts, I would like to experiment changing the crossover from 80 to 60Hz. If I change it to 60Hz, will I repeat the whole caliration again? Same question with changing the trim level from -5dB to -3dB.

BTW, I do not have the tripod and the SPL meter anymore as I have returned it after my first calibration last week. That's why I posed this question.

Thank you all for your advice.