As always, Mark, I suppose that we're running into semantics and artistic license here. Actually, if you'd have told me that you'd heard another Ma Vlast and what you were looking for, I'd have suggested the Berglund. The tempos are on the moderate side, actually slightly slower than average overall(e.g. my 6 CDs in Vysehrad:13:43, 14:36,15:05,15:07,15:11(Berglund),15:17). Overall timings of all the CDs vary from about 70-78 minutes. Generally symphonic sound is supposed to blend, without too much highlighting of individual instruments(ironically, this is a point on which the Berglund was criticized in one of the reviews, i.e. a bit too close-up sound, especially the trumpets). So, I think that it has the best combination of sound and performance available, but my second favorite is the Kubelik, Boston Symphony on DG 429 183. This has a wider fluctuation of tempi(slower in most, faster in Sarka)and the sound is a bit lighter in the bass, possibly giving an impression of a bit more clarity. Give it a try; Borders in Bryn Mawr, King of Prussia, and Springfield show it in stock for about $11.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.