As of last night, I have found myself out of my element and in a clueless, what the heck to buy situation. I need to buy a new cloths washer and dryer set and figured what the heck, I might as well ask the Axiom board members for non A/V advice again (it’s always been helpful so far).

I fixed the dryer a month ago to where is ‘should’ hold out for a while yet, but then the washer crapped out yesterday afternoon. I tore it apart yesterday, and the parts needed to fix the stupid thing cost more than half the cost of what it was new. If I’m buying one, I might as well pony up and buy a set.

When the girlfriend moved in a couple years ago and I continued to do what I always did with the pile of cloths that would accumulate, she firmly told me to leave the cloths washing / drying to her. I don’t know what the big deal was, I always separated them into two piles (one pile of whites and sorta whites and one pile of not so whites) and then used hot for one pile and cold for the other. Well, she didn’t like that and fired me. I didn’t complain about the termination too much.

So now I have to buy a new set and fifteen minutes later on, I have a raging headache.

Has anyone suffered through the misery of picking out a washing machine and dryer lately and can recommend a set to me?? This is simply too agonizing for me….. Why in the world would anyone ever want or need 16 friggin presets?? And what’s up with these steam washers/dryers?? They claim to be efficient, but how can a washing machine with an electric boiler be ‘efficient’?? I can’t think of a more in-efficient use of electrical power than a steam boiler.

All I know is that I need front loaders. I built an 18” shelf with drawers for them to sit on when I built the house. There’s cabinets above the machines and not enough room for top loaders.

.....errrrrr... so much for upgrading my projector this fall... dangit.