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I like to look at my speakers that I've payed for... \:\) If you build your stage correctly, you can still have a perfect L/C/R soundstage.

I'd argue a perfect sound stage... at least for movie watching would have the speakers behind the screen, just like at the theatres. With the voices coming from the center of your screen from your center channel, not above, not below, directly from the the area where the mouths are moving.

I understand the space issue and not wanting to sacrafice screen size. I wasn't sure if your room was built or not and you are in a tight space already.

I can echo the comments on panasonic's I have a pt-ax100u and love it, it's only 720p, but does a great job. There were some production problems with that model and it did have to go back for repair, but I understand the ax200u hasn't had the same issues.

The 3000 is amazing, I've seen that one in action before... on a 120" DIY AT screen and it look amazing... oddly enough with a matching set of M22's for L/C/R's too \:\)