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Unfortunately I can't move the side speaker locations or go through the ceiling. There is a massive steel girder in the ceiling that is insurmountable and the wells on either side have a door/window in the way. I need to leave the side/rear speakers where they are.

Thanks for the advice, potatohead. Do you think the QS8s for the surrund speakers or would the QS4s cut it?

In that size room the QS4 is probably ok, but I do know that Axiom recommends the QS8's with the M/W22's if you look at the Home Theater packages. They use a matched driver and I assume the crossover points are closer matched, but you may want to check with Axiom to find out exactly why. I think if it boiled down to it, and it's mostly HT use, you would be better off putting a few more bucks in the center channel as the first upgrade, the sub second, and then into surrounds third. I personally have a W22/W150/QS8 setup with an SVS sub (kind of midway between EP350 and EP500), and I love it. I don't think I would miss much with QS4's to be honest, but it's not a huge price difference.

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