Okay, I have decided to purchase the Onkyo TX-NR3007 along with the Oppo BDP-83, and hook all of this to my existing Panasonic Plasma TV 50". The speaker system I am looking at is the Epic Grand Master - 500. My biggest problem is center channel location.
I was wondering, if I place the CC on top of entertainment center angling down would that work? They say front speakers tweeters should be inline with center channel, I think? I do not have much "play" to offset tonal balance,can only go right and left. So does that mean adjusting front speakers instead? If center channel was on top of entertainment center, then does that mean mounting the M22's to the wall instead of stands? Any advice is appreciated, recommendations welcomed about equipment I have chosen too! Thanks
Oh, one last question, if I go with the Onkyo 9.1 channel, can I still run 5.1 for now? (Need to save for additional speakers)
Thanks again.

Cannot find where to attach a picture of the entertainment center!?