HELLoOW EVEYONES i am returned here to make quick posting about to many sub an hometheatar complaners here. i have had stereo speaker for many yaers wit nosub and no complain!i know i lerk here an only nake true world postings when i see mistakes here. i don see why many here say they play music threw sub an serrond sound. music isbest stereo. who listen to musioco up on stage with band? fake! no need serround! WHO LISTEN to all movies wit sub ? fake! no need sub to make base in every movies
i sink some movie is ok in serround sound an only few need sub to makes boom. to many booms is fake see? what if you watch regelar movies? you no need booms to hear with that see? an some have many sub than they sey no soud right an complane on form here. i sahy play music right wit no sub booms and play only movies that need booms wen use subs you REFLECTING SEE?
i think that why so many complane her see? they say no sound rigt yes becase no need sub for most see? better to spend mony on good speaker and eqipmant first then learn to use sub an then not so much complane on forms see? learN first the subs!!
i have many fans here that wil ageed withs me. i beelive axiomos audiopiles alredy know equipmant, an speakers an musics an no like serround an sub complanet all the time here on forms see? axiomos audiopiles KEEP TRU WORLD AN REFLECT!!!

#1 Audiopile. music make everything. copy kill music. REFLECT!