Just got mine today, phew, at least I know the deal wasn't a fluke.

Unfortunately, my house is not done yet so it'll be at least a month before the HT is ready to be reassembled, so no play time for a while.

I was looking through the manual (yeah, I know, who does that nowadays?) and noticed a few things that I either didn't know, understand, or was surprised to find out.

1) The manual seems to indicate that I can see the AVR's volume controls superimposed on the HDMI. I want to see the volume levels on any source I'm watching/listening to. Is this true?
2) I didn't know that the network capability allows you control it via web browser. Has anyone tried it? Do you get ALL the funtions? That would be great for me, since the AVR will actually sit in my wiring rack in the garage.

Thanks. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I actually read the manual.