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Wow, lots of repsonses to the thread but not a lot of comparisons between the 3 "non standard" lines. I can accept the fact that the stand alone bookshelf is better than the three on/in/onin combo speakers but I am still lost on deciding between the 3 choices.

Is there any guidance on the sound differences between the "In Wall", "On Wall" and "In Wall/On Wall" speakers? I suppose I could order a pair of all three and try them out but the holes in the wall for the tests would surely anger the wife :-)

I asked Axiom that question and was told that they all sound very similar. You have different choices for differing aesthetic demands, not necessarily different sound characteristics. Plus, an in wall VP150 would be too wide to fit between wall studs so they do not make one. If you wanted to the look of in walls, you are limited the VP100.