With the differences being very minimal, my advice would be to get the pair you most covet. Once you have it installed it's highly unlikely you would ever miss anything any of the other options might have had over the pair you want. In other words, say you got a pair of in-walls and your neighbor got a pair of on-walls, if you went back and forth between houses you'd likely not be able to tell a difference between the two, everything else in the room being equal that is. Perhaps if you ordered two or all three versions, lined them all up and did some blind testing, then maybe, MAYBE you'd be able to pull out some tiny differences between them, but I don't think it would be so noticable that you'd say, "wow, I'm glad I didn't go with THOSE".

But of course I've never heard any of them, so that's all strickly theoretical guess work I'm spewing out here. What I'm likening it to is my 65 inch 60 hz LCD. Sure at the store when t was sitting right next to the 120 hz model I could tell a tiny bit of difference between the two models during very quick moving scenes, but now that I have it in my living room there's no way I'll ever notice anything's lacking. Because it's a great tv in its own right. Sure the 120 hz model may be ever so slightly better, but they're so close I don't think anyone could go wrong with either.

That's the way I assume the speakers you listed to be as well. Close enough that you can't really go wrong with any of them.

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