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I just recently purchased the epic grandmaster 500 set of speakers, and have been reading about center channel setup on this forum. The question that I have is would it be better to use a single VP150, or two M22s laid together horizontally with the tweeters on the outside. I know its a weird question, but having a perfect sound stage is important! Thanks!

As has been discussed many times on this and other forums, no matter the model you choose for your center, more than anything, final positioning is much more critical with horizontal center channels, which, in the final analysis, in terms of more accurate sound stage, will determine what you hear.

In the past, I have experimented with BOTH of your potential choices and in my opinion, if you have the capability of using TWO center channels, in lieu of your choices, I would opt for TWO M2s placed in their normal upright position, tilted towards the listener. They will give you a more "natural" sound with voices than the others and blend better with the M22s.