something for you to check out. i also have the ps3 and have run with both frequencies 48khz and 176.4khz and have never had a problem. it's hooked up to an onkyo tx sr 707 and the m60's. I run music in pure audio and so it's played in 2.0.

my findings is that i don't like the way it sounded. it could be because i don't have an amp. but with some cd's the highs would sound disstorted. which i didn't like. i have read that the axioms are known to show the weaknesses of bad recordings.

so yesterday i was running and thinking about sound and in the process of buying an amp. well anyways i started thinking and wondering what music will sound with my xbox, i never tried it!!!! i put a cd in not sacd or dvda..just a cd, and to my surprice its output was 5.1!!!!! in direct setting on the reciever. i have the first generation xbox360. so it's hooked up via opti..when i press display on my reciever it comes up as INPUT:opti dolby dig 48KHZ 5.1 OUTPUT: direct or dolby (whichever i choose DD has a bit more bass)and it sounds sooooooo much better.

so anyways try it out if you have a xbox 360 laying around. i'll be getting an oppo soon. and i'll compare the sound to that. my guess is with an amp and oppo it should be the best combination. but for now to my surprise music on the 360 plays wayyyyy better than my PS3..i have the slim by the way.

have fun