Here is an interesting boxscore and league stats for team home runs. Also take into consideration, that pitching is becoming more dominate and sophisticated in today's game.

The boxscore shows the Jays hitting 8 home runs today. The have been leading the league since the first month and are on pace of having the most realistic shot at beating the 1997 Mariners.;sortByStat=HR

An unlikely team at an unlikely time period and year in the game to have a chance at beating this record. When Seattle beat this record, the league buried their head in the sand in regards to steroid use. The Mariners sluggers at the time were the likes of A-Roid, Griffey, Buhner, Martinez etc. An excellent hitting team known for power.

I am really hoping the Jays can beat the all time team home run record, they really deserve it.
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