Good day

It's getting time that I updgrade my Rotel RSP1066. It has no HDMI and limited base management.

I am looking for a reasonably priced pre/pro or would even consider a reciever with 7.1 pre outs so I can use my power amplifer.

I have been eyeing the Denon AVR-990. But I am open to recommendations. Price is always an issue. I don't have a set budget but keeping it below $1000 mark is desirable.

I have a 4000 cubic foot room so I'd like to keep the power amplifer to do most of the heavy lifting, at least for the L C R.

I do enjoy opening the volume up and letting the M80's sing once in a while.

Thanks in advance for you help!


Axiom M80, VP180, Qs8, EP500
Epson 3020
Rotel RB-880
Denon AVR-990