lol! thanks sirquack! as you can see I have never had carpet in my home. I suppose the non-shaggy kind would be best? like in the theatres?

for the pics:

Pic 1: side window that will have to be dealt with for lighting.

pic2: it's 12' from where I took the pic to the back wall. I want to have some acoustic/black out curtains hanging right where I took the pic to separate the kitchen area from the rest of the room when watching a movie.

Pic3: just turned around from pic 2 and took the shot. 13' to the wall (where the 100" screen will be... hopefully... I fear the ceiling is not high enough to warrant a 100" screen, especially with offset from the hd20 - bottom of screen will probably be too low?) Height of the ceiling = 8' exactly

Pic4: Other side of room... will have curtain on track to block that part out as well. Sound like a plan?

I have another room (see pics with floating floor): 10'10" x 11'7"... I know that it would be a great dedicated home theatre room, but then I would have the epic80/800 downstairs... what will I do when I need to listen to music upstairs??? lol!

The other pics are of my dedicated tv room... will be painting, putting down an area rug. and the sub will hopefully go behind the chair (if bass-crawl says so). I have my streem ht-808 in there for now.

the other pics are of my set-up in my last place... I wasn't able to complete...

thanks for putting them up here Mark

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