OK. I'll admit it. If it plugs-in, has something very sharp moving insidiously fast, and you can ruin lots of expensive materials (or body bits) while learning how to tame each beast, then I've probably got it.

However, I've never bought anything that runs on a petroleum product, yet has no wheels (powered, of course).

Time to buy a chainsaw. I'll bet that there's, like, a 30% ownership ratio here, at least. Haven't some of you actually built your houses with one? wink

Anyway, as always, any advice from "you's guys'" [sic] re: brand experience would be very helpful. And, since someone will ask, we have 11 deciduous trees, all over 30'. None is coming down. It's mostly for what Mummy Naturebitch partly rips away or hurls onto the pachysandra.

Oh, and there's the dead ash branches up in the power lines that have always bugged me. grin
Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.