New here. I'm looking to get new speakers for our family room, 22' X 15' X 8' with a 10' opening on 15' wall to the kitchen/dinette. I currently have Polk Audio RT7's for the front, CS400i center and RT35i's in the rear, PSW450 for the bass. Power is supplied by a Pioneer Elite 84TXSi(140watts). System is used 50% music, 50% movies. It’s not that I'm unhappy with the sound, just looking to try something new and different. I’m considering the following from Axiom:

M60v3, VP150v3, M3v3
M22v3, VP150v3, M3v3.

In either case the sub will be an Epic Empire or Legend. Unless HSU has some surprise offering on Saturday.

I'm on the fence about going with the 60's vs the 22's for the fronts. I've read very positive reviews on both speakers here and on the AVS forum. Just not sure if giving up the 2nd midrange driver in the 22's in lieu of getting 1 mid and 2 bass drivers in the 60's is a good idea in my application. I emailed Axiom Audio Expert JC and got his opinion. Just looking for any other insight, direction, suggestions you can offer. After all, the thread is labeled ‘Advice from Axiom Owners’ and that’s what I’m after.


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