What surprises me is the fact that even after the second time I installed a new amplifier the problem wasn’t completely fixed. I just didn’t want to go through more time and work on my end until they get it right. I’m confident that they will and probably already have but I have had enough. I don’t want blood just a good powerful trouble free sub. My first and only home theater audio was a Bose 5.1 with the tiny little cube speakers and sub. I just spent over 16K on a new home theater system and the Epic 80 7.1 is at the heart of it. I have had my eye on Axiom for a couple years now and haven’t read any bad reviews so naturally I’m disappointed with the sub issue but all the other speakers are awesome. The good news is that the EP600 is working well enough now that I can get some sort of feel for the potential of it. I haven’t turned up the volume past 2 o’clock because when it pops (just occasionally now) it’s like being slapped in the ears. Even at this level the walls of my house shake…:) So I’m thinking that an EP800 set at 3 or 4 o’clock will be more then I’ll ever need. I can’t wait, after 3 months I’ll finally be able to experience the complete system.

Samsung 65" 3D LCD TV, Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player, Denon AVR 3311CI, EP800, M80's, VP150, 4QS8's