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This post is about informing people that the EP600 currently has some negative issues.

Yea but...

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Now, after replacing everything in the speaker cabinet they discovered that there was a problem in their software that controls the sub amplifier. (Really? Do other EP600 owners know this?)

I'm wondering why Axiom hasn’t had a flood of complaints from EP600 owners. I know that I can't be the first guy to turn the sub volume past 1 or 2 o’clock and listen to deep bass movie soundtracks.

You wrote this in such a manner that it sounds as if each and every EP600 should be having the issues you experienced with your particular EP600 and this just isn't the case, there are many EP600 owners who have owned their subwoofers for years without any issues whatsoever ... including myself who is going on six trouble free years.

Jason and these other guys are just trying to lend a hand from their own experiences and others which have been posted on these boards that is almost always first attributed as being a bad speaker or other component when in fact many times it turns out to be something as simple as a bad or wrong connection, setting or bad cabling. Over the years we've seen it time and time again.

Sorry to hear about your particular 600 and I hope the 800 works out great for you. smile

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