I read some reviews of the original BR version and although I own them, I have not yet watched them. In fact, I recently re-watched Fellowship with some relatives who had never seen it and the picture quality was so good on the upscaled DVD version which I absentmindedly plugged in, that I didn't even realize that I did not use my new BR version until I pulled it from the tray when we were done. The funniest part was when my Uncle said "Wow, I guess we DO need to get a BluRay player." during the early scenes of the Gandalf's arrival in the the forest around the Shire.

I never told them the difference, just so he could keep the excuse with his wife to buy some new electronics.
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My question is (and Yes, I will have to try it for myself,) I have read some of the complaints about the theatrical BR version but one thing is not clear to me.

Are the complaints about details 'relative' to the expected BR quality but still superior to the DVD version or is the consensus that the BR version is so bad that the DVD is actually preferable? This will influence my decision as to weather or not I really need to invest money for just a few extra minutes of films I already own in two formats.

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