When we bought our house a couple of months ago, it came with an existing ADT system. The previous owners spared no expense it seems with the system (they have sensors on doors, windows, garage doors, smoke sensors are tied in, motion sensors...)

Anyway, I know that there are other companies out there providing similar services, but with newer technology - our ADT system needs a phone line, and some systems use ethernet, or cell signals. The newer systems have touch screen, remote (key FOB and smartphone) access, tie into heating/cooling, offer electric auto-locks for doors, etc...

The reason I am asking is someone from Vivint stopped by our house today trying to get us to switch. I like the idea of a cell technology based system instead of land line (no need for a home phone) and the touch screen, smart phone, key FOB, etc. We probably wouldn't tie it into our thermostat, or get the power door locks, but it *seemed* pretty good. They wanted $50 a month.

Not sure if they are good, or what is out there that people have experience with, thus the reason I am posting.


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