This one has been active since the spring at least. Maybe longer. It's VERY active. They really seem to pick an area code and leave no number untouched.

If you follow their directions you will receive false instructions that actually open a backdoor in your Windows firewall or your shareware firewall. If you have a 'real' firewall, they tend to hang up. The goal is to get software loaded that will steal your personal information including credit card and personal banking.

First time I hung up but the second time I had some time to kill so I pretended to be following their instructions and pretended to not know what I was doing. I ended up wasting close to 35 minutes or so of his time. When I got bored of leading him on, I told him I was sorry, but I couldn't see how this would help me since I live in the woods and can not get the Internet. He said "What do you mean you do not have the Internet? Why didn't you tell me this?" Then he hung up.

I'm not sure if these guys get paid by the hour or by the number of people they successfully dupe but either way I figured I cut into his profits if only a small bit. He deserved it.

With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.