I am down on Oak Island for summer vacation - Sunday morning out surf fishing. Not long and I have a small shark - maybe 10 inches. Big dude, maybe 6'5", Tribal Tattoos on his upper arm, comes walking up "excuse me sir, what are you going to do with that"? I say "throw it back". He asks if he can keep it for cut bait? And...by the way, him and his buddies will take anything I don't want to keep all week. I say sure and go back to fishing.

Few minutes later, I see one of his buddies standing on the beach holding a deep sea rig while he climbs into a kayak and paddles straight out. I can hear the line zinging off the reel - so I start watching. He goes out maybe 400-500 yards - apparently drops the hook with my shark on it and then paddles back in. They have PVC tubes standing in the sand - with the tops maybe 6 feet off the beach and the rods are in the tubes. Now my curiosity is up so I walk over and ask "did I see that right" They already have the beers going and they smile and say "yup". I asked what they were fishing for and they laugh and say "King Mackeral or Cobia" SO...I say "cool" and go back over to my spot.
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