W/ a 2nd plasma in the house and new lighting (mostly flourescent T8 tubes), I've seen our monthly electrical bill go into a higher tier every once in a while.

I've used our Kill-a-watt meter and even watched our Smartmeter at times and know that most of it is due to the dual plasmas at night and various lights being used during the evenings. I have quite a few computers, a NAS, and Tivos that also eat up a chunk of power as well. I've got the computers on sleep modes but the NAS has to be on. One Tivo HDD just died and I'm replacing the existing HDD w/ a newer green drive (and got it just in time to be cheap enough before the Thai floods increased HDD prices this week...)

Now I'm looking at dipping into LED bulbs for the incandescent lights that are used most. I'm doing this because those lights use 75W to 150W bulbs. Just got the Philips 60W (800 lumens) equivalent from Home Depot and I'm going to try some other Home Depot brand ones for 50W flood lamps. Has anyone gone this route? Any recs? The Home Depot website showed an 1100 lumen Philips but they didn't have it in store, nor could I find it on Amazon.

If this works out, I may even look into modding our flourescent ballasts for T5 and T8 tubes. Unfortunately, we've got at least 200' of tubes to replace...