I get a call from fedex my shipment has arrived. White van shows up, im super excited. Buddy says, heres you box, i say where is the other one,he looks at me stupidly. I now have to wait till friday and it might be on the next bus.If fedex cant get stuff here ,why take the order. I had some upgrades in mind but now i will be rethinking anymore purchases.I can get stuff shipped free from BC which is farther than edmonton and it gets here faster.I know it will come eventually but that is irrelevant,there is no excuse for pathetic service. I dont give a v8 a tuneup and leave 4 plugs out and tell my customer come back ina few days. I can order parts from edmonton at 12pm today and have them friday morning so being remote is not the issue.

Just unboxed the M80 and it has v3 drivers in it. Not what i ordered. Sheesh this is becoming a nightmare.

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