I USED to have my lovely QS8v2's standing on FMS-QS's. Everything was fine until the rugrats learned that knocking them over is oh-so-much-fun mad Thankfully, no injuries to the wee ones, or the speakers.

However, my husband has determined that they need to be wall/ceiling mounted, away from danger.

So, my first question is: which method should I use? I don't have the original wall brackets anymore, so I need to buy some of the wall or ceiling versions. Will either of those work with the v2's? Which is 'better'?

2nd question is, what is a good height to hang, if on-wall? Due to a wall oddity, I only have 16" of wall from the ceiling down. That would give about 7" from the top of the QS8 to the ceiling...is that enough?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!