So I'm in the process of designing the basement. As you can see I get to do almost anything I can dream up.
As you come down the stairs:

This is what I'd like to do, furniture will probably change... If you look I made a set of M22 in/on walls:)

So I need to figure out what speakers this area would need to I can make design changes before I start framing and running wire, this project has lots of time so no rush.

I'd love to do M60's or M80's, but they take up too much of the room and I need that so people can move around. That leaves me with in wall and in/on wall speakers. I'd like to keep them out of the wall so I can take them with me if I ever sell the house. So please let me know what speakers you think I can/should run and why.

I have a Yamaha RX-A1000 and I will be building a 15" horn loaded sub so thats taken care of.