I'm ok with putting the in/on walls in, I can patch and add speaker terminals to the wall. I just don't want to pull a whole cabinet out of the wall. Would the QS8's function properly with the back wall being so far way, how would I mount the one by the bar?

I'm not going to move the furnace, although it would be ice if the basement was more open, but I would still have the support beams to deal with. The whole object of finishing this basement is to do it as efficiently as I can. I need to balance function with cost, hence the bathroom using the existing plumbing location. I'm going to be doing all of the work myself, thats what makes this project manageable, and I enjoy doing it.

This basement is way overkill for the house, but I'm doing the work so I'm going to make it look good and the way I want. I'll update the main floor after the basement is done.