Apologies for not babbling about my visit to Axiom last week. Had a great time and will post about it when time permits. Since getting back home the contractors have returned so my time is not my own.

.........for anyone who would like some cheese with that whine I have a very nice old sharp cheddar.

Now to the problem at hand, last night I spent many a happy hour trying to get two subwoofers to work.

I suspect the answer is a very simple one but come midnight I gave up on the problem. I thought I'd turn here for a little help as I don't seem to be able to find a quiet minute to think this through.

As I used to create engineering drawings before I retired I thought I'd show you all the options I tried, I hope it's not too technical for everyone.

Option A - cable to sub #1, it worked
Option B - cable to sub #2, it worked
Option C - using "Y" & cable to sub #1, it worked
Option D - using "Y" & cable to sub #2, it worked
Option E, using "Y" and cables to both subs, Nothing Worked.

I know the curious amongst you will wonder how i managed to find the time to do the drawing when apparently i don't have the time to solve the problem.... a topic best left for a later date.

Receiver Denon AVR890
Sub #1 Axiom EP3350
Sub #2 Paradign DSP3400
Two different Y-cables were tried both male to 2 female.

Your thoughts?

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