Does all power amp sounded the same?
DO we need more power to drive our belove Axiom?

I think many of us asked these question before and some might agreed and some don't.

Me and a few audio fanatic (and bass nuts) did a power amp test at my place, comparing 3 different amp for the front 3 channel of M60v2 and VP150v2

The amp are:-
1. Emotiva XPA-3 (200W/ch)
2. Odessey HT-3 SE (150W/ch)
3. Anthem PVA5 (125W/ch)

All of us (6 of us) agreed that the Odessey sound best with great dynamic and much more refine sound and detail.

The anthem have a better detail than XPA3 but due to it lesser power, the dynamic of the sound somehow are a lot flatter than the other two. And thus not good for movies.

The XPA 3 have the same dynamic (with lots of headroom) as compared with the HT3, but the sound is more metalic and edgy and also lose out the detial to the Anthem and HT3.

And yes, we agreed that amp do sound differently and we need as much power as possible to get most out of the speakers.

We tested scene from Star Wars' "Pod Race" and many concert songs.

Now, please don't fight :p