But not for long.

This is the last piece (no really, it is the last thing this time) of the finish work on my 2 year HT room project but I can't decide what to do.

To refresh or initiate memories, my room is not big, 13x24 and it has a raised platform for the second couch. Attached to the rear of the raised platform is a bar. The raised couch sits pretty much against the front of the bar and there is room for stools behind it then the outside wall of the basement.

The room has been operational for some time but the bar is the last piece to call it 100% complete. The bar itself is built on an ridiculously sturdy frame. The outside walls are one-side-good plywood. I have fashioned trim for around the edges & corners, etc. but have not installed them yet until I decide how the top will be built. I don't want to ruin my options to attach it. It has not yet been stained or painted yet for the same reason.

I'm looking for suggestions on what and how to do the bar top. I just can't decide.

- It's a HT room so it will be dark more times than not so I'm not looking for pristine beauty as it will be largely wasted.

- Cost wise, I am looking for something that falls somewhere between economical and Bob won't make fun of it.

I pretty much am aware of all my options but can't decide. Help please!!!

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