My only complaint is the discrepancy in bass response in both my previous and newer HT rooms. Too loud in the corners, too mild in the seated positions. I blame the Mark Ratio. Old room was 12x12x8 New room is 12ish x 24 x 8.

I've always craved a 2nd sub to see how much it would help this situation. I'm also intrigued by mid-bass units. You don't hear much about them but promise to add some punchiness from concentrating on the 50 to 150 Hz range.

Our team share bonus has been exceptionally good this year so I want to splurge a bit of it on a new toy. The 2nd sub is the obvious choice but I'll put it out there for fun.

Current Setup M60s, VP150, EP500, QS8s, HK rears

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