The M80s are a full range speaker and will play all but the lowest of pipe organ notes. I replaced my M22s with M80s but before I went this route I tried out various other full range speakers, Paradigm Studio 100's, Monitor Audio Gold series, Focal Chorus series to name a few comparators and in my opinion the M80s held their own against these other fine speakers. In the end it came down to the $1300 the M80s cost at the time. If I could justify the cost of some of the others I may have gone with one of them instead but it is hard to pass up on such a great sound for dollars spent.

Like the others I too run my M80s with my sub but I have my XO set for 40hz, the M80s are playing most of my music and the sub only sees the extreme low end when required, in my room and for my ears I like this set up the best.

M80 v2
VP160 v3
QS8 v2
PB13 Ultra
Denon 3808
Samsung 85" Q70