I am looking for a no-frills web hosting company. My current one (whom I've been with for almost 8 years) send out an email that they are shutting down their personal hosting services and focusing on business services. Man, and they were all of $24.95 a year, locked in for life...

Anyway, I see a number of them out there in the $3.50 a month range, but that is for the first year, and then they jump up to something dumb like $6.95 or more a month after that.

I really use it mainly for hosting pictures of stuff. Sure, there are a few outdated webpages there too. No databases, no need for massive space, hundreds of email addresses that I won't use, or unlimited bandwidth.

I could probably just start converting things over to some sort of blog format and go free except for a domain name pointer, but I just don't have the stinking time right now with the basement/theater finishing, graduation for my daughter, the party that goes with it and millions of things that need to be done before then, the family vacation in June, etc...

Any ideas out there?
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