I recently bought a pair of vintage Axiom subwoofers. The name plate sticker on the speaker identifies them as AX120 Sub as seen in the picture below (as long as I loaded the pictures right).

I cannot find anything on the internet to show me how to wire the speakers. I phoned the Axiom support line and he had never heard of the speakers and did not have any data on them either.

I did find one brochure copy on the following Axiom webpage http://www.axiomaudio.com/images/HomeTheater_AX.jpg but it does not show my exact speaker and it talks about an active subwoofer whereas mine are passive. The are 4 sets of input/output posts as shown in the pictures below with no indication on the speaker as to what the function is of any of the posts.

Before I start to test wire them and try to figure this out via trial and error I am asking if anyone has seen these before and can give me some hints as to what to wire where.

I am surprised that Axiom has no data on these speakers even though they are old.

Any help is much appreciated.