last year (or 2 years ago, can't remember!) i bought a sub which is good enough to play well anything i have fed it so far, even WOTW at Reference Level while tuned to 11 Hz.

a few days ago, i bought Cameron Carpenter's Revolutionary CD/SACD on Telarc.
the frequencies below 20 Hz are so strong that my sub overloads when the sub's tuning is at 11/12 Hz.
so, i will retune the sub to 16 Hz and see how it behaves.

not being able to play this CD with my sub tuned to 11-12 Hz is having a negative impact on my smile...

i should have taken the adjacent room into consideration when i selected a sub; this room is connected to the AV room by a door space and it effectively doubles the room size.

one solution would be for me to install a solid door in the empty space to make the room effectively 1300 cu ft. and not 3000 cu. ft.

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