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Thanks CV they do seem to be quite popular,i shall give them a go . Alternatively i could go with the following option.

The Audiophile Pricetag will literally transform your cheap or giveaway interconnects into sonic marvels costing thousands of times more!

The Audiophile Pricetag is no ordinary pricetag. It's hand-crafted from the finest materials available.

The heavy-gauge, 99.9999% pure cotton string utilizes a proprietary twisting method which provides a superior connection to your existing cable.

The manila card stock is made custom to our specifications from virgin stands of Douglas fir from the pacific northwest and is hand cut in our factory using techniques hundreds of years old with the price hand-written by one of our many craftspersons, signed and dated on the back of the tag.

Our patented hole reinforcement technology assures that your Audiophile Pricetag will last a lifetime, even under continuous use.

Best of all, the Audiophile Pricetag is being offered at the special introductory price of just $29.95!

Imagine getting the performance of a $5,000 cable for less than pennies on the dollar!

A bit tight on cash? No problem! Kludge Research, Inc. offers zero interest, six month financing. And if you act now, we'll defer your payments until January 2003!

And for the Do-It-Yourselfer, the Audiophile Pricetag is also available in kit form at the substantially reduced price of just $19.95!

Each kit comes with a pre-cut tag, hole reinforcer, string and a tube of glue. The 23 page instruction manual is clearly written and includes more than a dozen illustrations walking you step-by-step from preparation to installation.

Let's hear what just one of our many satisfied customers has to say about this revolutionary new technology:

I was skeptical at first. But that ended just a few measures into the first song when I realized that I'd soiled my pants! You should offer a diaper with this thing! It's THAT good! And if you don't believe me, just moments later my wife who has no interest at all in this audiophile stuff telephoned me from the neighbor's house three doors down and asked me if I'd changed something in my system!

You guys with more money than sense!

Shoe laces work just as well.

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