I received my Axiom ADA1000-4 amplifier today, so I was eager to use the LFR1100s in the way they were meant to be used, but I'm running into difficulty, which seems to be my thing. At first I hooked everything up how it was supposed to be hooked up with the DSP in the chain. Front right and left signals from the receiver to the DSP inputs, front and rear outputs for both left and right channels going to inputs on the amplifier, corresponding power outputs going to the appropriate terminals on the speakers themselves. I'm unable to get any sound whatsoever. I then hooked up my MP3 player directly to the amp itself, trying to at least get signal to the front drivers of the LFRs. Nothing. I'll admit that the first time I tried, I forgot to push the power button on the front of the amp, but I figured that one out, and I'm still getting zero sound, DSP or no DSP. At this point, I suppose I need to hook up the Emotiva again and see if I can get it to run at least the front drivers on the LFRs.

Oh, I also tried the front left and right outputs from the receiver directly to the amp with no sound. So after trying both the MP3 player directly to the amp as well as the receiver directly to the amp, it's looking like the amp isn't functioning, right? Am I missing anything?