I have come from an ep350 and then dual ep500's. Just as a suggestion, you might want to look into CHT passive subs with an outboard amp. They do sell to Canada, not sure about shipping costs, but for the money, I would highly recommend the sealed 18" SS-18.1 with the Dayton amp.

I purchased dual 18.1's with dual amps as well. See the link below for my review, this purchase stopped my search for the ultimate bass for movies and music dead in its tracks. My house could not take any more, believe me. Also see CHT product review at hometheatershack.com as well, good luck with your decision.

M80's, QS8's, M22's, CHT SHO-10, Dual CHT SS-18.1's, Onkyo NR3008, Mitsubishi WD-73740